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Game Changers

Game Changers: How the little things we do can lead to making a BIG Difference in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

We look around our world and wonder if it will ever get better. The news can be overwhelming, depressing and leave us feeling helpless to make a difference. Each of us is hardwired to try and make a difference, but the question is how do we do that? Join us for a 12-week journey through the Gospels of learning how we can become “game changers” for the Kingdom of God. When we think of “game changers,” we often think of things like the invention of the wheel, electricity or the printing press. In our lifetime the iphone, internet and computers have been “game changers.” The greatest “game changer” was not a thing, but a person, Jesus Christ, He changed the world forever and allows us to be a part of His game changing plan. So whether you need a game changing experience with Jesus or you want to live like a game changer, this sermon series if for you.

Sermon series begins on September 2!

5 Day Clubs

Our church is honored to partner with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) for another summer of “5 Day Clubs!”  5 Day Clubs are hosted in neighborhood backyards & parks for elementary school children. These mini “Vacation Bible Schools” focus on reaching kids in each neighborhood through fun activities and interactive Bible stories. We ask members in our church to open up their homes for 5 days, and CEF brings in their staff to lead the entire week. These clubs are going all summer long in different neighborhoods around Bennington & West Omaha, so reach out to our Children’s Director, Garrett Worner (garrett@threetimbers.org)

Summer in the Psalms

Our Summer in the Psalms reading plan is designed for you to go deeper into God’s Word on a daily basis.  The Psalms are to be read through “Jesus glasses” because the Psalms point to the coming of the Messiah.  Psalms are the heart cry of God’s covenant people which would be ultimately answered by Jesus Christ. The Psalms connect us with the hope of God and reveal that fear is a liar. Read the Psalms and make these prayers your own, cry out to God with them and know that our hope is found in the finished work of Christ.

May 1st-31st-Psalms 1-41- (God’s Power)

June 1st-30th- Psalms 42-72-(God’s Protection)

July 1st-31st Psalms 73-106- (God’s Presence)

August 1st-31st-Psalms 107-150- (God’s Promise)

Reading plans can sometimes get overwhelming and people feel they won’t meet the deadline, that is okay. The goal is to actually read them, reflect on them and pray through them. If that takes you longer than the time allotted, that is okay. The timeline is to try and help you keep on track, it is meant to be a blessing and not a burden. Enjoy your Summer in the Psalms!!!

Praying for our Schools

On Sunday August 12th, after the church service, we will have a special Praying for our Schools event where we caravan to the schools in Bennington to pray for each school, the staff, and all the students before the school year starts.

That same Sunday we will also be having a panel of Middle School and High School students share stories from their mission trips and camps this summer. 

Branches is Returning

Along with the beginning of this school year, our weekly Wednesday night program, Branches, will be resuming meetings after our summer break. This includes all 3 ministries that meet during Branches nights: “Tree House Kids,” “Pursuit Middle School,” & “Brews & Q’s.” Each of these ministries will resume meeting on September 5th. We look forward to seeing you there!

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