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Band of Brothers has a New Location

Band of Brothers has a new location! We’re now meeting at the Bennington Cubby’s, on 15625 CW Hadan Drive. Join us Thursday mornings from 6:30am – 7:30am!

Dove Notes Ministry

When was the last time you reached out to someone to let them know they were loved, appreciated, or simply on your mind? Our Dove Notes ministry gives each and every one of us the opportunity to be radically relational, and it’s so easy!

Here’s how:
Help yourself to a card and/or note of encouragement from our Dove Notes display in the back of the gym. Then…

Reach out! From our prayer and praise time.
Reach out! Words of encouragement.
Reach out! To show appreciation.
Reach out! To say I’m just happy to know you.

A small gesture and make a big difference to someone! Send a Dove Note!

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for the love comes from God.”
-1 John 4:7

Caffeinated Thursdays

Come join the Pursuit Youth at Grinders Coffee House on Thursdays! They’ll be meeting Thursday afternoons from 3-5pm, and all students between grades 6-12 are welcome!

Anyone who shows up gets a free drink or snack, and is invited to hang out to play games or just talk.

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