What Time Does The Service Start?
10 :00am
How Long is the Worship Service?
Roughly one hour.
What Should I Wear?
Casual dress (including jeans) is perfectly fine.
Where is the Service Held?
In the gym at Pine Creek Elementary School, 7801 North HWS Cleveland Blvd., Bennington.
What is the Music Style at Three Timbers?
Some people call it contemporary. We say relational. It’s not unusual for the music to include a traditional hymn sung in a modern fashion.
What Does Three Timbers Offer For Children?
On Sundays, children join their families for the music worship time at the beginning of the service and will be dismissed to Sunday school part way through. The nursery is open for babies and toddlers throughout the service time. We have a preschool class, a kindergarten through second grade class and a third through fifth grade class. Children will learn about God and the Bible in all classs, including the nursery. On Wednesdays our kindergartners through fifth graders meet together for Bible lessons and a lot of fun.
What Denomination is Three Timbers?
Three Timbers is part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
Who Is Allowed to Take Communion at Three Timbers?
We believe anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior can take Communion. Communion is served by intinction meaning the bread is dipped into the wine. However, we do not serve wine but instead grape juice. Communion is served the second Sunday of the month.

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