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Let’s face it, growing up is not easy. Family, school, friends, and even our own bodies can turn our world upside down on any given day in the life of a teen.

Pursuit Student Ministries exists to help students navigate these wonderfully chaotic years.

Our motto is simple, “Pursue God, Pursue Others.” In any Pursuit gathering you can expect to feel welcomed and loved.

There are 2 unique ministries in Pursuit…

Pursuit High is our weekly meeting for high school students. These meetings last for an hour & a half, and focus on doing life together, having fun together, experiencing God while learning who He is, and building a faith that will stay with a student long after he or she leaves the youth program. You can expect at every Pursuit High meeting to play a game, eat some snacks, make friends, be invested in, learn from God’s Word, and do life with others.

We love to do life together, and it’s very common for our high school group to hang out together several times a month. If you’re looking for a group that pursues God and pursues one another, we hope Pursuit will be perfect for you! Pursuit High also offers several events throughout the year. In addition to having a lot of fun together, we offer a bi-annual mission trip, and attend a summer church camp every year. Both of these events provide a great place for students to get away from the every day life distractions and be able to focus on God while having fun!


Pursuit Middle is a weekly youth meeting geared toward middle school students. These meetings last for an hour & a half, and focus on building community, having fun together, and growing closer to God. You can expect to play games, talk about life, be heard, and learn from God’s Word at every Pursuit Middle meeting.

Additionally, we offer several events outside of Sunday nights for our middle school students. Plus, every summer we take a middle school to a summer church camp where they can meet other student’s their age, learn about and experience God, and have a ton of fun in an environment that they do not typically get to be in during the year! 

Weekly Meetings

Pursuit High

When: Sunday nights, 6:30pm – 8pm

Where:  Three Timbers Church Ministry Center (11505 N 156th St, Bennington, NE 68007)

Who’s Invited: Students between 9th and 12th grade

Pursuit Middle

When:  Sunday nights, 4:30pm – 6pm.

Where:  Three Timbers Church Ministry Center (11505 N 156th Street, Bennington, NE 68007)

Who’s Invited:  Students between 6th and 8th grade

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